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Antiferromagnetic materials could represent the future of spintronics thanks to the numerous features they combine: they are robust against perturbation due to magnetic fields, produce no stray fields, display ultrafast dynamics and generate large magnetotransport effects. Research efforts invested in unraveling spin-dependent transport properties of antiferromagnets will be presented and discussed in this workshop.

Invited speakers

A. Bataille

LLB Saclay

R. A. Buhrman

Cornell Uni. Ithaca

J.-Y. Chauleau

SPEC Saclay

K. W. Edmonds

Uni. Nottingham

L. Frangou

SPINTEC Grenoble

S. Fukami

Tohoku Uni. Sendai

O. Gomonay

JGU Mainz

J. P. Heremans

OSU Columbus

M. Hirschberger

Princeton Uni. & RIKEN Saitama

A. Hoffmann

ANL Argonne

V. Jacques

L2C Montpellier

S. K. Kim

UCLA Los Angeles

M. Kläui

JGU Mainz

A. A. Kovalev

Uni. Nebraska Lincoln

K. J. Lee

KU Seoul

D. Makarov

HZDR Dresden

A. Manchon

KAUST Thuwal

M. Meinert

Bielefeld Uni.

K. Olejnik

FZU Prague

A. Qaiumzadeh

NTNU Trondheim

S. M. Rezende

UFPE Recife

K. Rode

Trinity College Dublin

V. Saidl

FZU Prague

T. Seifert

FHI Berlin

A. Sekine

Uni. Texas Austin

L. Šmejkal

JGU Mainz & FZU Prague

J. Wunderlich

Hitachi Cambridge Lab.

Y. Yamane


Scientific organizers & committee

V. Baltz          

SPINTEC Grenoble

A. Manchon  

KAUST Thuwal

O. Gomonay  

JGU Mainz

T. Jungwirth   

FZU Prague & Uni. Nottingham

J. Sinova       

JGU Mainz

M. Viret         

SPEC Saclay

Financial support

SPINTEC Lab. joint reseach unit CNRS-UGA/GINP-CEA/INAC

French National Agency for Research JCJC ASTRONICS

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

CEA/Saclay-Radiation-Matter-Institute & Spin Phenomena Interdisciplinary Center